St Peter's Home Group


The home group meets each week on Tuesday mornings at 10:30 except for the breaks taken during school holidays. The number attending each week can fluctuate but usually there are ten to twelve people who meet, most of whom attend St Peter's on Sundays.

Home groupThe atmosphere in home group is relaxed and informal. At the centre of the group's activity is the study of the Bible and this can be from the Old or New Testament. The aim is to understand the meaning of a passage in the context in which it was written, but also to think about how it can help us to grow together in faith, and also how the principles can be applied to the perplexing issues we grapple with today. We gain a lot by the discussion which always follows the study, and in listening to the different points of view which people have. We always finish with coffee and biscuits.

What are the core aims of the group?

One of our aims is to be  non-judgemental and accepting of one another so that members of the home group can be themselves and feel safe. Each person in the group matters and has a part to play if they so wish. Some like to lead a study and discussion, others offer their homes as a venue for our meetings. Life is not always easy and when difficulties arise in our lives, members of the group aim to pray for each other and care but without being intrusive.

Is there anything else that will happen in home groups?

Yes! We enjoy having lunch together. This is usually a simple meal of soup and a roll- except at Christmas when everyone gathers at the pub for Christmas lunch. Our lunches together are times of relaxation and laughter but they also give an opportunity to invite other church members to join us who are not able to come on Tuesday mornings.