Friends of St Peters, Pavenham

The Friends of St. Peter’s is an independent registered charity (number 802696) formed in 1989 to raise funds to help finance the maintenance of the fabric and structure of Pavenham’s very old church. Some members of The Friends are regular worshippers; many are not. They share a desire to maintain St. Peter’s long tradition and preserve and protect our heritage.

Many villagers value the beauty of Pavenham’s ancient church building. It provides a focus for significant events such as Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals and gives historical context for the lives of the people of Pavenham.

The church has a formal Quinquennial Inspection every 5 years (the last in 2008) and The Friends have made significant donations towards work that is indicated as needing urgent attention to keep the fabric in good order.

The Friends of St. Peter’s raises funds through members’ subscriptions, donations and special fund-raising events. We receive wide-ranging support for the various fund-raising social events and activities we organise, often bringing in people from surrounding villages as well as our core Pavenham supporters. The Friends Committee very much appreciates and wishes to thank the many people who support The Friends so well.

Funds raised by The Friends are used for the maintenance and preservation of the church building (fabric) and does not go towards the regular running costs of the church to keep it functioning as a place of worship.

Will you help us?

If we are to preserve St. Peter’s we know that future continuing work will be needed on the building — and this will require money. We welcome any newcomers who would like to become members. If you would like to join The Friends of St Peter's Pavenham then please contact a committee member. Tax can be reclaimed on subscriptions under gift aid.

Friends’ Committee Members:
      Derek Bliss (Chairman), 
      Amanda Beazley, Debby Horsman,
      Hugh Josty, Richard Roberts, Roger Whilding.
      Terry Horsman 

Each year, in July, a special Sunday Service is held in St Peter's Pavenham to celebrate the Friends. It usually includes a flower display, and traditionally the hay harvest is also celebrated by strewing grass on the floor - a very old tradition in Pavenham. The Sunday is also Pavenham's patronal festival - St Peter.


Fund raising events for The Friends will be included on the Diary Listing and Notices pages on this website.